Once a wood burner has been installed the cost of running a stove is cheaper than its gas and electric counterparts.

Wood burning stoves can cut a home's heating bill by 10pc, according to the Energy Saving Trust. Running costs for an average household are a third of electric heating bills and 13pc less than gas central heating, according to the Stove Industry Alliance. The savings will widen if other fuel prices continue to rise.

Andy Hill, of the Stove Industry Alliance, said: "With rising fuel costs, wood burning becomes ever more cost effective and our members are reporting increased demand for wood fuel supplies as concern grows about the financial impact on families of the energy price rises. "Using an eco-design wood burning stove comfortably heats the room in which it is situated, while also warming the whole home, reducing our reliance on gas, electricity and oil for heating and offering an effective way of reducing home energy bills this winter." (The Telegraph, 9 May 2022)

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