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Twin Wall Flue, Chimney Flue Liner, Flue Supplies, Flue Direct UK

FREE FLUE DESIGN SERVICE:- We can assist you select the products for your flue installation

Twin Wall Flue Installation Kits

  • Twin wall flue kit for your stove installation
  • No chimney stack, no problem, install Twin wall flue


5 inch Black - Twin Wall Flue
5" inch Black
Twin Wall Flue
5 inch Stainless - Twin Wall Flue
5" inch Stainless
Twin Wall Flue
6 inch Black - Twin Wall Flue
6" inch Black
Twin Wall Flue
6 inch Stainless - Twin Wall Flue
6" inch Stainless
Twin Wall Flue

Twin Wall Flue, Flue for Stoves, Flue Supplies and Chimney Flue Liner - Flue Direct

Twin Wall Flue by Flue Direct, the leading UK's supplier of HETAS approved flues; twin wall flue pipe, Twin wall Flue Kitsflexible flue liner, flue for wood burners and all flue supplies for log burners, multi fuel stoves, wood burning stoves, fires, commercial and biomass boilers.

We offer free expert advice and chimney design services on your flue system as well as the latest HETAS approved flue supplies, including twin wall flue kits at very competitive prices for the trade and public. Orders placed before 1pm are processed the same day for delivery throughout the UK. Plus order over £150 and receive FREE delivery on UK mainland orders. Flue for stoves, flue for wood burners, flue for fires - we have all types of flues in all sizes in stock for fast despatch.

If you are installing a twin wall flue system in your home we have all the flue supplies you need including 6 inch twin wall flue and 5 inch twin wall flue.  We can offer a free Flue Design Service giving you help with product selection and pricing by phone or email so that your chimney works effectively for you.

Flue for wood burners / stoves - If you are installing a wood burner / stove into an existing chimney stack we have all the flue supplies you may need e.g. multi fuel flexible flue liner, chimney liner, vitreous enamel stove pipe. Also if you do not have a chimney stack you will need twin wall chimney flue pipe. The sizing of twin wall flue relates to the inner / internal diameter of the twin wall flue pipe as the outer diameter will be larger in size due to the insulation material in between. Flue pipe and liner available in all diameters, including the most popular 5 inch 125mm / 130mm and 6 inch 150mm. We have the widest range of flue diameter sizes in stock and on the internet, all at unbeatable prices: 3" 80mm, 4" 100mm, 5" 125mm / 130mm, 6" 150mm, 7" 180mm, 8" 200mm, 10" 250mm, 12" 300mm and 14" 350mm twin wall flue.  We can also supply larger diameter twin wall flue such as 400mm, 450mm or 500mm diameter, please contact us for prices and stock availability.

Our Flexible flue liner is available in both 316 grade stainless steel and 904 grade (Lifetime warranty). Both are suitable to reline your chimney for use with a multi fuel stoves and wood burners and are HETAS approved, for further information please refer to the flexible flue liner section.

The UK's best selling Twin Wall Flue is a simple push fit joint system (the easiest to fit on the market) and is available in both stainless steel finish or as black twin wall flue pipe in all sizes and is HETAS approved. This can be used when you have no existing chimney stack and can pass through floors, roof or walls depending on your required flue route. The quality, manufacture and finish of twin wall flue pipe can vary significantly which is why we only supply premium quality chimney flue systems. We stock the Dinak DW twin wall chimney flue system as well as Convesa TW Pro and KC twin wall flue pipe and are the UK's leading supplier of twin wall flues. Please contact us for a Free Twin wall flue Chimney Design Service so that you order all the components you need for your flue installation.

Buy the latest new and improved matt Black Twin wall Flue here!  Specifically developed for the finish of the flue to closely match the finish of most black stoves and wood burners Flue Direct's Black insulated twin wall flue system will also impress you with aesthetically pleasing ingregrated flush fit clip-on locking bands too.

Flue Direct is built on our reputation, excellent delivery times, unbeatable prices and advice service.  Please ensure that your goods have arrived before booking your installation service. If you have any queries please feel free to get in touch. 

Buy flue online or contact us on 01780 300 123 for more information on our flue liner, twin wall flue pipe and chimney flue supplies. Flue Direct Ltd have it all.

Twin Wall Flue FAQ's

How hot does twin wall flue get?

Twin wall flues will heat up when in use as they transport the hot stove gases away from the appliance, the outer part of the flue can be over 90o C or 194o F. The temperature of the twin wall flue will vary depending on:

  • KW of the stove.
  • What fuel is being burnt.
  • Length of the flue (the base of the flue will be hotter than the top).
  • Temperature outside.

What is a twin wall flue?

Twin wall chimney flue is a double layered insulated stainless steel metal flue pipe with high density rockwool insulation in between that safely transports gases from wood burning stoves into the atmosphere. Our twin walled flue system features a simple push fit design for an easy flue installation. We stock plain stainless steel twin wall flue as well as a black finish which has been carefully powder coated and will match the typical colour of a black stove.

Best Twin Wall Flue

What's the best twin wall flue? - Is the flue HETAS approved? HETAS is the governing body ensuring the standards of flue and chimney manufactured products and tradesmen meet the latest regulatory standards in the UK. All of our twin wall flue and flue supplies are HETAS approved and tried and tested since our business started in 2001.

Is the twin wall flue easy to install? Our simple push fit twin wall flue system with clip on locking bands is the easiest to fit on the market - one piece simply fits into another in a matter of seconds making your flue installation as easy as possible.

Which Twin wall flue lets you get the closest to combustible materials? Flue Direct's twin wall flue is the best on the market at only 50mm to combustible materials due to its high density rockwool insulation! 

What does twin wall flue look like? Our twin wall flue has been designed to look good with flush mounted locking bands for a seamless and sleek finished look and design.  Available in plain stainless steel finish or black powder coated you have the choice of each or to combine the two. Our Black twin wall flue has been carefully finished with the best match to the colour and finish of your stove / wood burner.

Why use twin wall flue pipe?

In buildings where there is not already a chimney stack in place, installing twin wall flue allows you to have a stove in almost any room by creating a flue route to remove the gases from the wood burner to the outside. This can be out through the inside wall, then running up the outside of the building or up through the ceilings and out through the roof.

Why do you need a twin wall flue?

A twin wall flue is required when a chimney breast is not already present and cannot be installed. Creating a way to remove emissions from wood burning and multifuel stoves from the building safely.

How much is twin wall flue?

We work our hardest to find you a superior quality twin wall flue system for the best price. You can choose between stainless or black twin wall flue pipe. For an idea of part costs, take a look at our twin wall flue range.

How to install twin wall flue pipe?

Our twin wall flue systems are a simple push fit system secured by locking bands. For more information on installation, take a look at our Design & Fitting Advice.

How to measure twin wall flue?

A twin wall flue can never be smaller than the size of the stove outlet. Measure the diameter of the stove outlet and also check guidelines and restrictions on each type of stove with the manufacturer. The Twin Wall flue diameter is always based on the inside diameter of the flue pipe. N.B. The external diameter of twin wall flue will be larger due the insulation and the outer wall of the flue pipe and this will vary depending on the manufacturer. Our 6 inch 150mm twin wall flue is the most commonly bought size due to this being the correct size for most domestic Stoves and wood burners.

What diameter twin wall flue?

What size flue do i need? HETAS regulations state that there is a minimum flue size of 150mm / 6 inch for any stove (on which wood could be burnt) unless it is Defra Exempt. Therefore, you may need to increase your flue size from your stove outlet using an increaser e.g 5 – 6 inches. Please talk to us for further information if required.

What is the best twin wall flue system?

Flue Direct have searched high and low to find superior twin wall flue for our customers. Click here for the best twin wall flue system in both stainless steel or black.

How to connect twin wall flue to stove?

To connect twin wall flue to a stove of any fuel type, a connecting stove pipe can be used allowing more heat into the room through the use of a single wall flue such as vitreous enamel flue. Always allow for a vertical rise of 600mm immediately above the appliance before the system has a change in direction. Twin wall can also connect straight to the stove spigot if preferred or if distance to combustibles does not enable single wall flue to be used.

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