Over the last 6 months we have noticed a significant increase in the amount of twin wall flue pipe that we have been supplying for biomass boiler installations. In particular, we have seen more and more 500kW biomass boiler installations, many having multiple boilers in each project.

We have a vast standard product diameter range available on the shelf: 4" 100mm, 5" 125mm, 6" 150mm, 7" 180mm, 8" 200mm, 10" 250mm, 12" 300mm, 14" 350mm. We have also been able to supply larger diameters at a slight lead time e.g. 16" 400mm , 18" 450mm, 20" 500mm, 22" 550mm, 24" 600mm, 26" 650mm, 28" 700mm, 30" 750mm, 32" 800mm, 34" 850mm, 36" 900mm, 38" 950mm, 40" 1000mm 42" 1050mm, 44" 1100mm, 46" 1150mm and 48" 1200mm and have been able to accommodate the most complex flue routes. Our twin wall insulated chimney flue system is available in a comprehensive array of elbows, tees, inspection/cleaning lengths, special reducing boiler adaptors and can be combined with our specialist explosion relief/draught stabiliser dampers.

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