Flue Direct's Flexible flue liners: - Durable, HETAS approved, Tried and Tested.

Our flexible chimney liners have been tried and tested for years and are HETAS approved to ensure we provide the most durable chimney liner on the market. You can choose from either a standard 316 grade stainless steel liner or depending on what you are planning to burn in your wood burner / multi fuel stove you may decide to upgrade to our 904 grade liner. The former comes with a great 10 year warranty and the latter a fantastic 25 year warranty.

Which type of flue liner do I need? We are often asked this question and it will depend on what fuels you are planning to burn. In the main people tend to find the multi fuel 316 grade liner to sufficient for their stove requirements, however, if you know that you will be burning any smokeless fuels, burning a lot of coal or slumbering the stove over night then the 904/904 grade liner will be better suited. The reason for this is that it is a higher grade of stainless steel that can withstand higher temperatures, chemicals and moisture that may be present in this time of burning.

We can also supply all the other items you will need for the installation of a flexible flue liner, such as installation packs, pot hanging cowls, debris / register plates or vitreous enamel stove flue pipe. We aim to give you the best price for the best product and with a fast despatch.