Don’t have a brick built chimney? No problem! We can supply you with a twin wall flue that’s HETAS approved, allowing you to have a real fire anywhere in your home.

A twin wall flue can be placed indoors or outdoors, allowing the combustion gases created by wood burning to safely leave your home. Whilst the insulation surrounding a twin wall flue helps keeps the gases hot ensuring the stove will draw sufficiently, keeping the fire burning for longer.

If you’ve never fitted a twin wall flue before it can be quite scary, but you MUST make sure you follow the building regulations.

It’s more than likely that you’ll be fitting a twin wall flue that has a 5” Or 6” inner diameter, with the added insulation this results in the outer diameters being 7” and 8”. However, we do provide insulated flue systems in 3" 80mm, 4" 100mm, 5" 130mm, 6" 150mm, 7" 180mm, 8" 200mm, 10" 250mm, 12" 300mm and 14" 350mm. 5" 130mm and 6" 150mm 7" 180mm and 8" 200 mm, go to our twin wall flue section for more information.

We provide all the required components for both commercial and domestic applications of a twin wall flue, making it easier for you. It is a simple push fit joint system that is both fast and easy to install and comes fully welded, to ensure a superior finished twin wall flue system (60mm to combustibles). Whilst ensuring that the finished system is as vertically straight as possible. 

While any domestic twin wall flue installation should be carried out by a HETAS approved installer.

Our dedicated team are available to offer FREE expert advice so do not hesitate to contact us if you do have any questions on 01902 393 909.