There is lots of misleading information in the media regarding the future of the wood burning stove industry, it is becoming hard to understand the facts from the fake news… The bodies that govern Heating appliances industry such as DEFRA, Stove Industry Alliance and HETAS, have introduced stricter guidelines concerning efficiency levels and a particular matter by which a multitude of appliances manufactured after 1st January 2022 and sold in the UK (and Ireland) must adhere. These will be known as Eco Design 2022 Ready. The focus for the Eco Design directive are reduced particle emissions, lower Carbon Monoxide emissions and improved efficiency levels through better fuel standards and sustainability. You may be wondering how this will affect you if you already have a stove? - Stoves installed correctly prior to this date with HETAS certification and using only fully-seasoned approved fuels, then you will NOT be affected by the new regulations as it will only concern stoves manufactured (and subsequently, purchased) after 1st January 2022.